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How To Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out - 5 Photo Styling Tips

We all know home staging is a must in the Real Estate industry but just filling a room with furniture is not enough to get your listing to stand out. So how do you stand out?

Photo styling! In today's market your first impression is online, so let's make it a good one! Keep reading to find out how photo styling can help you and your listings stand out.

1. Hire a Professional

According to Forbes Home, when it comes to staging and photography, they suggest hiring a pro. While you already know to hire us for your staging needs ;) choosing the right photographer is also just as important. Depending

2. Know your space

If you decide to not hire a professional, make sure you understand your space and how this will look behind the lens. Although staging may look great in person, when taken on a camera it can look very different. If you look at the photo above you can see that the right side of the frame is darker than the left. When taking pictures against windows it can darken the rest of frame. This can make the space look less appealing.

Another thing to consider is the depth in the frame. If you compare this photo with the first photo, you can see that this appears much flatter than the other. This is because in the first photo there is more depth and dimension in the background. So, make sure you know your space before staging and imagine how it may look on camera before putting it all together.

3. Use the same accessories

Why use different accessories for every photo? If you have neutral accessories that can fit in different spaces you should utilize them! Here we used the same vase in the tip before to bring a pop of color to this home office space. You can do this with any accessory that you think fits. Not only does using the same accessories for different spaces save you money, but it also saves time and space from bringing a ton of different ones!

4. Space first, product second

For staging, we have a dining chair at the end of the dining table but when taking photos we found having the end chair in the frame made the dining room look very chair focused rather than looking all over the room. Make sure when you are taking photos to focus first on the space and how it looks as a whole behind the lens. Staging should work together within the space and the products should enhance it, not overwhelm it.

5. Make photos realistic

We know every morning you don’t have a nice vignette of coffee mugs, side plates and napkins but here the styling gives it almost a more realistic look. It’s styling, it does not have to be practical! Viewers will appreciate the realism that you show in your listings, so use realistic photos when you can to show the lifestyle and space you are trying to sell!

Overall, any space can be enhanced with professional staging and photography! By using these tips, you can help your listing stand out against your competitors.

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